Embrace Autumn Event - Baldwin LIRR 9/30/2023

After the Rain Brings Sunshine!

10/3/20231 min read

The day started off ... well... wet. More like a monsoon. As the torrential rain poured down on me like the tears of a newborn babe (I have a propensity for dramatics..can't you tell?) I clung to my 9x9 popup tent as I mustered the strength to set up my small business... nothing was going to stop me that day - MUHAHAHA!

Ok, so it wasn't that dramatic.. but I did sit in my car debating whether or not the rain was gonna win and I would head back home with a trunk full of food I worked so laboriously on. I debated for 10 min. until I told myself, "I'm not quitting! Mom wouldn't want me to turn my Filipino butt around and just say, 'oh well'. With the help of some kind organizers at the event, I was able to set up my table and get to work - rain or shine!

The event was a success - my Coconut Macaroons sold like hotcakes, with my Ube Crinkle Cookies and Polvrone coming in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. I learned a lot from this vending event, since it's my first one with food (I've made jewelry in the past with some moderate success).

  1. Bring Trash Bags

  2. Bring more Cash than you think you'll need - another vendor will ask for change

  3. Samples are a toss up - some will actually purchase something that they've tasted but about 75-80% just want to taste it and walk away.

  4. Your story is just as important as the food you are presenting.

It was a great day and I did better than I expected! The biggest thing for me was when someone who follows me on my Instagram account came to see me - I felt like a celebrity for a little. Thanks Paula for your support :-)

The biggest question I was asked: Do you make Filipino food?

My response: "I'm getting there - just wait..."