The First Two Months

How's it going so far, Michelle?

8/25/20232 min read

Welp - to put it bluntly, it's going kinda ok...

I like to be transparent about how things are going so I'm gonna say it's going pretty pretty sorta like ok. Thanks to everyone who has supported me by purchasing some of my homemade treats, posted reviews online, or gave me a "Like" on my Instagram or personal Facebook page. It truly means a lot to me when friends and family support what you do, even though they think I may fail - and that's ok to think that!

But, as with many startups and new adventures, things are kinda slow. I've advertised on different social media platforms with some new followers and that's been kinda cool - especially when comments like, "Can't wait to try some of the treats you make!" are from nearby neighbors. Progress! I'm trying to careful adhere to the Cottage Food Laws here in NYS and have also signed up for a Foodie Event in East Patchogue towards the end of October. I've been busy branding new aprons, signage, and table setup displays for my vendor table and I'm pretty optimistic that I'll do ok.

I've been trying new recipes and preparing to test the waters in making Pan De Sal. For those who aren't familiar with it, it's a traditional sweet bread that's dusted with bread crumbs. I remember when I would visit the Philippines when my Ate Amanda would sneak out of the house and bring back a brown bag full of hot Pan De Sal.. OMG. There's nothing like slathering on a layer of butter on hot bread that's a little toasty on the outside, but dense and soft in middle....MMMMMMMMMMmmmmm! We'd sit around the dining room table with the bag of bread and a tub of butter and some coffee and just talk about the day, what's happened so far, past family members, current family members, how fat we're all getting sitting here eating this bread, etc. Good Times.

Looking forward, I'm still searching for that Sprinter Food Truck or small concession trailer to start. I'm also considering getting my Food License so I can start making Filipino dishes and other savory treats so I can share my mom's recipes with the masses. For now though, I'm excited about the upcoming Foodie event in October and hopefully gaining more followers and customers before that time. Word of mouth always seems to work best so if you're reading this and you know me personally or have had some of my sweet treats, please spread the word around!

You can leave a Yelp review (I'll take good or bad), tag me in a post, share my website on Social Media - I'll take what I can get!